Why do we need food supplements? 

Increased pressure to perform, piles of household chores, overworked lifestyles, and unhealthy diets. These factors can not only drain a lot of energy from us, but in the long run they do nothing to help us live a healthy and happy life. And this already unpromising situation is made worse by the fact that we are surrounded by more and more highly processed, refined, and artificial foods full of colourings and additives. However, our bodies have no need for unnecessary additives, preservatives, etc., not least because they accumulate over time and can lead to various diseases and symptoms. However, everyone, regardless of age and gender, needs adequate and good quality nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Even if we can't slow down, we can easily incorporate mindful eating into our daily routine, as a balanced diet (and with it a stronger immune system) is always the first step to a better quality of life.

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How much are 250 apples worth today, or do they no longer taste like they did a few decades ago?

Our body cannot produce the vitamins that our body needs at all, or only in small amounts. Since we have to make up for them somehow, we can choose from a wide range of delicious fruit and vegetables just by walking into the supermarket. But does the fruit we hold in our hands contain as many nutrients as the fruit we harvested when our grandparents were growing it? There's no doubt that eating fruit and vegetables regularly can make a big contribution to a healthy body and is something everyone needs. However, in order to fully respond to this growing demand, plant breeders have had to breed species that, although they produce much higher yields, often at the expense of quality and nutritional value. Of course, it is also possible to buy organic products from organic farming or even to grow our own gardens, but this is not always possible.

And have you ever wondered whether you can meet your daily vitamin needs with 1-2 apples or oranges a day? Just to give you a quick example: an average-sized orange contains 70 mg of vitamin C, while an apple contains only 4 mg. To get at least 1000 mg of vitamin C a day, you would need to eat 14 oranges or 250 (!) apples. Sounds a lot, doesn't it? We have a much better idea, Forever Vitamin! Balance your diet effectively with Forever vitamins and become a whole person!

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Carefully developed vitamins from nature's treasure trove!

To counterbalance the factors just listed, various nutritional supplements can help, always containing the optimal proportion of vitamins, minerals, trace elements or other specific ingredients that our body needs at any given time. But which one should I choose?! Take care of your supplementation with Forever vitamins! When it comes to any Forever vitamin, there is no need to compromise on natural and highly active ingredients!

If you know about yourself that:
-    You don't really have the time to make time for a healthy and nutrient-rich diet,
-    you don't eat enough good quality fruit and vegetables,
-    you are under a lot of physical or mental strain in your daily life,
-    you are suffering from a deficiency
-    or simply want to make your life more vital and fulfilling,
then Forever vitamins, made from selected ingredients, are for you! Find your personal favourite and discover the myriad of special active ingredients!

Forever vitamins, the highest quality!

Every member of the Forever vitamin family is of the highest quality in many countries around the world. We take great care in the selection of ingredients, so we only develop our products using naturally occurring, high purity active ingredients. Therefore, Forever dietary supplements represent selected ingredients, high active ingredients and premium quality, and contain all the necessary nutrients that would be difficult or impossible to obtain from a normal diet. Quality, naturalness, and efficacy are therefore the key factors in the development of Forever vitamins. This also means that the main active ingredients of Forever vitamins are in the most beneficial form possible. Forever prides itself on not choosing cheaper but lower quality ingredients, even if this would put it at a competitive disadvantage in a price-competitive market. It is this approach that makes each Forever vitamin product so special. In addition, only ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective are used in the products, but Forever also rigorously checks and tests these in its own laboratory. When you choose any of Forever's vitamins, you can be assured that you are getting only the most technologically advanced supplements, free from artificial colours, flavourings, and preservatives!

Start boosting your vitality with one of the Forever vitamins! If you're looking for a premium quality supplement, it is 100% that you'll find it here. Forever products have been proving themselves to customers for 43 years.         

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