Aloe First - 78% Aloe Vera gel

A must in every household!

Often, despite our best efforts, things can still go wrong:

  • we can burn our hands,
  • the mosquitoes bite at night,
  • we can bruise our knees,
  • we can fall asleep in the burning midday sun.

So, every day, our skin can be subject to various atrocities. Although the treatment may vary depending on the severity, there are some folk remedies that can help to relieve the pain immediately. The beneficial effects of aloe vera were well known to our grandmothers, and its instant skin soothing properties have made it a vital part of home remedies. At that time, however, aloe vera did not exist in spray form, so the extracted substance from the leaves of the plant was used.

Aloe vera is more than just a simple houseplant. The jelly-like gel in the leaves of aloe vera provides extra quick relief and works miracles to your skin. And adding the plant's healing sap to creams or body lotions can only enhance its positive effects on the skin. Although aloe vera, growing in a beautiful pot, is still a popular choice in the home, it does not only need care and attention, but also a very impractical one to use in everyday life. So, aloe vera comes back in many different forms, but without doubt one of the most practical is the aloe spray, which we mostly refer to as Aloe First and can even take with us on holiday.

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Aloe vera first, an outstanding partner in skin care!

The main components of aloe vera are a number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and valuable enzymes. Not only does it provide immediate relief for redness and damage to the top layer of the skin, but it also plays a prominent role in skin care.

The unique aloe vera in our Aloe vera first product can provide an immediate and quick solution for:

Insect bites

During the summer months, insects are in their prime, so their bites often have a way of getting to us. Aloe First spray with aloe vera can be a real panacea for insect bites, if you want intense pain relief and instant regeneration. Aloe vera has the ability to constrict blood vessels, so it can be very effective for relieving itching, stinging pain and redness.

Sun’s harms

Did you leave your favourite sunscreen at home? Did your sunglasses spend more time in your bag than on your nose? Hot summers are great for sun lovers, but even with the greatest precautions, you can still experience the harmful effects of the sun's rays. As well as being very uncomfortable and painful, sunburn can also damage your skin on a cellular level. If the damage is already done, Aloe First Spray, thanks to its aloe content and other skin soothing ingredients, can provide immediate relief from pain and regeneration of reddened skin.

Various abrasions   

Pure aloe vera not only disinfects but can also speed up the healing process of damaged skin by stimulating cell growth in our skin. Would you believe it? Aloe First has natural aloe vera as the active ingredient and this aloe extract has no harmful side effects.

Skin care

For thousands of years, aloe vera has been one of nature's most powerful plants for skin care. Alkaline chemicals in our bathrooms can have a detrimental effect on our skin's natural pH. Not only can they weaken the skin's basic defence mechanism, but they can overload the skin's natural neutralising capacity. When this happens, the skin can become dry, cracked and particularly sensitive, so it makes a big difference what products we use on our skin. Aloe vera spray is pH-neutral, so even the most sensitive skin can use it without any problems. Aloe First is a unique way to moisturise, soothe and regenerate your skin and can be used on virtually any skin type to help where you need it most.

Experience the positive effects as soon as possible and choose our Aloe First spray for your home or as a travel companion! The ingredients in Aloe vera spray are 100% known, so you won't be disappointed when you use it externally!

But what makes our Aloe vera First product so special?

When buying products containing aloe, it is worth being aware of the aloe content and choosing only pure and highly active products. Aloe First is one of the brightest shining stars in our Skincare range.

The main ingredient of Aloe First spray is always processed by hand, so that the purest and most potent gel can be extracted. Aloe First contains no less than 11 different herbs in addition to the high purity aloe vera gel, making Aloe First a topical skin care product containing only natural and premium ingredients. So much so that the aloe content and purity of the Aloe First spray product have been certified by the International Aloe Science Council.

Thanks to aloe, Aloe First is able to penetrate to the very bottom layer of the skin, absorbing 4 times faster than water. Aloe vera first is one of the most versatile base products in our range:

  • the handy Aloe First spray bottle with spray nozzle is hygienic and easy to use in any situation,
  • It comes in 473 ml so you'll definitely have room in your bag for it,
  • It is economical, enough for a very long time, up to 1 year!

Are you a fan of natural treatments? Then Aloe First!   First aid in times of need, no household should be without it!

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