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Forever Active HA and Pro-B, the powerful duo

2022. April 12.
Forever Active HA and Pro-B, the powerful duo

Forever Vitamins are based on nature's treasure trove: only pure and highly active products are used, which means that key active ingredients are found in them in the most beneficial form possible. However, you can take any high-quality supplement if you no longer ensure that they are absorbed properly. 

When can’t even the best vitamins work?

The absorption of various nutrients, vitamins and trace elements takes place mainly in the small and large intestine. However, if the intestinal flora is damaged, the absorption of these nutrients may become insufficient. This is one of the reasons for the frequent phenomenon of taking more and more expensive vitamins, but they simply do not work. Signs of a disruption of the gut flora can also include absorption difficulties, digestive problems or recurrent infections.

However, don't be alarmed, as probiotics can be replaced by regular consumption of certain foods (e.g. probiotic yoghurt) or supplements. Although both can be beneficial, the important difference is that the latter is more concentrated and contains more of the bacteria that are good for the gut. One example is Forever Active's Pro-B, which, when taken with Forever vitamins (e.g. Forever Active HA) will most certainly do the trick!

Forever Active Pro-B: billions of CFUs in a capsule  

Forever Active Pro-B: egészséges bélflóraAlthough it sounds scary at first, the gut flora of an adult human is made up of about 1-2 kg of bacteria. The primary role of the bacteria in a healthy gut flora is to support the immune system properly. However, all it takes is a prolonged exposure to stress, an unbalanced diet or a weakened state for this 'army' to be depleted. Probiotics are food supplements containing live bacteria which, once in the large intestine, have a number of beneficial effects on our body.  

  • help prepare against possible attacks by strengthening the immune system
  • displace disease-causing bacteria and help the body recognise foreign substances  
  • are involved in the normal functioning of the intestine, promoting the absorption and utilisation of nutrients, minerals and vitamins

Forever Active Pro-B contains the optimum proportion of probiotics strains and other synergistic ingredients that a healthy gut flora needs. If we talk about specific numbers, it contains six strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which means 8 billion (!) CFUs per capsule. This number is already unique on the market, but the addition of natural zinc only enhances the potency of Forever Active Pro-B.  

Forever Active HA: for the perfect hydration of the body

Forever Active HA: hidratált szervezetOnce we have sufficiently prepared our intestinal tract for the perfect absorption of the Forever vitamins, we should not forget about the cellular hydration of the body. Hyaluronic acid is present in practically all the tissues of our body, as it plays an essential role in hydrating our body. It is a protein with moisture-retaining properties that is uniquely responsible for the fluid retention of our skin, muscles and joints. Its action can be thought of as that of a sponge: it can absorb up to a thousand times its own weight in water. In addition to its role as a lubricant for joints in rheumatology and sports medicine, it is also important for skin care.  

However, as time goes on, its amount starts to decrease. Knees click, joints ache, skin becomes dry and wrinkled. Fortunately, we can now supplement it very effectively in the form of a food supplement. Forever Active HA contains high absorption, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, enriched with turmeric and ginger. The pure active ingredients in Forever Active HA naturally guarantee us healthy joints, muscles and glowing, youthful skin.  

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