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A versatile product for skin care: Aloe First

2022. April 12.
A versatile product for skin care: Aloe First

The effects of a hectic lifestyle, environmental damage and mechanical injuries of all kinds show up first on our skin. So, the need for ingredients with proven efficacy and natural sources is perhaps greater than ever. Forever Living has done away with artificial ingredients and its cosmetic products are created by incorporating only the healing power of nature.  

The first line of defence of our body, our skin 

It may be no big secret that the skin is the largest organ in our body. It's our primary defence system, protecting us from outside influences. But its role is multifaceted: it protects us from infection, keeps our bodies at an optimal temperature, produces enough vitamin D for us during the sunny hours and helps us to create a loving relationship with those close to us through touch. However, skin is a delicate surface, so even with the best efforts, it can be damaged or inadequately cared for. 
So, we can see that our skin has many functions, and its function is essential to our well-being. But do we spend enough time doing this in return?

In the grip of artificial skin care products

Whether you're reaching for cosmetics for a specific problem or just for prevention, your skin needs the same care and attention. Looking around the huge range of cosmetics on the market, you can practically say that you're lucky if you find the right cosmetic product for your skin care at the first time. Not to mention that the average person doesn't have just one product at home, but at least a dozen, as they are now offering a different product for every part of the body and every problem. 

Skin that is thirsty and hungry for care will perceive all cosmetics as nourishment, whether they are free of artificial ingredients or not. You'd be surprised if you walked into the bathroom right now and scrolled through the ingredient list of your favourite shampoo, face cream or body lotion, because there are plenty of them that aren’t suitable for you. Unfortunately, many cosmetic products are a serious threat to our skin, offering a whole range of artificial ingredients in exchange for a solution to a skin problem. Not only can these ingredients cause severe irritation, but they also weaken the skin's defence mechanisms. 

Aloe First Spray: one effective natural ingredient for a multitude of skin problems

Skin care and cosmetic products with proven natural formulations help protect the skin by supporting its natural defence mechanism. Forever Living skincare products are infused with the pure, untouched power of nature, so by choosing the ingredients and herbs they contain you can keep your skin safe. And Forever Aloe First Spray is no exception, with no shortage of aloe vera for its beneficial properties. Aloe First Spray contains high purity aloe vera gel backed by clinical research. The product is also enriched with 11 herbs. From now on, you won't have to search for 100 different products, because you'll have an all-purpose product on your bathroom shelf.

First álló eng.

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Aloe vera is a real treasure in skin care. Its soothing and regenerating properties have been known and recognised for thousands of years. This versatility can be particularly beneficial when your skin has been specifically damaged. This could be a painful sunburn, itchy skin caused by a mosquito or a bruise from a fall on the nose. So, wherever your travels take you, it's a good idea to have a bottle of Forever Aloe First Spray at hand.

However, aloe vera can be used not only for mechanical and external environmental damage, but also for general skin care. Its soothing ingredients are uniquely able to support our skin to do its job in the best possible way. Aloe First Spray, with its high aloe vera content, can help to maintain the skin at its best, not only in a perceived but also in a visible way.  

Is always something happening at home? Are you a conscious skincare user and would you like to experience the benefits of aloe vera? Don't forget to get your Forever Aloe First Spray in time!

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