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2022 Leadership Summit

2022. July 27.
2022 Leadership Summit

I took part in a real miracle weekend in Croatia, where we launched the first international top management meeting in Umag. International trainings, fantastic presentations, a new opportunity that will be held every year from now on, a real Mastermind Leadership Summit. I was able to meet extraordinary people from many countries. The most important thing that I brought with me from Umag, apart from a lot of positive energy and experiences, is that we are capable of anything if they believe in us. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to share my experience, knowledge and participate in the work done together.

Perfect job?

I think we all desire to find the ideal job, the place or community where and in which we are fulfilled, in which we find joy.

But what is it like?

Some people think that the most important thing is to be appreciated and to be let to prevail in their work, to be independent and to have responsibility. Others are looking for challenges, but there are also those who think it doesn’t exist!

The question is not so simple and cannot be easily answered.

The road that takes you forward

It has many aspects, that give us momentum, motivation and goals so that we can go to work every morning with joy, work from home or anywhere in the world.

For me, such a job and community exist, because Forever is an authentic company and brand globally, and the products it sells are world-class. In other words, I am proud of my workplace.

I can achieve an income that recognizes the invested energy and work.


Katrin Bajrival

But what could it be that we all really desire?

I think we all want to bring security and balance to our everyday lives. We want to constantly control our own lives and bring harmony into it.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a little extra income? How great it would be if you could work when and where you want! And let's be honest about how much belonging to a positive community could make our lives better!

"The power of Forever is the power of love."

I am proud of the community I belong to!

Would you like to belong to such a positive, supportive community where you can bring your dreams to life?

UUmag együtt

If you are the kind of person who likes to go forward and fight, but you haven't found what you can do to be really successful, then we need to talk, maybe (because I think) I can help!


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